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From our modernizations in different steel products, Leoscor Alloys shares impactful experiences each day by means of people around the world. Through our dedication to create superior products and services in all areas of our business, we do our best to boost the development of different industries all over the place and bring a constructive change to the world around us. We comprise our services in a lot of different operating companies that are involved in several business sectors such as: engineering, materials, communications and information technology, services, energy, chemicals, consumer products, etc. Our customers are primarily in the construction, automotive, appliance, petrochemical, oil and gas industries. We are also engaged in barge and railroad operations and real estate.

We will reach our vision through by nurturing teamwork, fostering talent, improving leadership capability and acting through pace, passion and pride; By becoming the supplier of choice, supplying best products and services and making value for our clienteles; By developing leading edge resolutions in processes, products and technology; By offering a safe workplace, valuing the environment, caring for our societies and representing high moral standards. By means of its eternal business philosophy, we are well-informed to not just survive but to get victory in a marketplace marked by frenzied change. Certainly, the company’s sweltering success story has been scripted fundamentally by its resolution to revolutionize, set newfangled standards, improve capabilities, develop lives, and to make sure that it stays true to its haloed value system. Not surprisingly, the company is very much a future business that is self-assured to turn into the most ideal steel manufacturer in the country.