Hastelloy C2000 Stud

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ASME SB574 Studs find applications in various industries, including chemical processing, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals. Renowned for their exceptional corrosion resistance and durability, these fastener studs provide reliable support in demanding environments.

Hastelloy  C2000 Fasteners Stud

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C2000 Hastelloy Alloy Stud Specification :

Standards : ASTM / ASME
Material Grade : A2-70, A4-70, ASTM F467 / F467M Hastelloy C2000 Stud
Size Range : M3 TO M10 (#4 to # 14)
Grade :

Hastelloy C2000 (UNS N06200) Stud 2.4675

Length : M3 – M5 (Up to 50mm), M6 – M10 (up to 80mm)
Thread Type : Fine Thread (AB type), Coarse Thread (A type)
Drive : Phillip, Pozzi, Slotted, Torx
End Point :

Cone Point "C", Flat Point "F"

Hastelloy C2000 Stud

Hastelloy C2000 Stud

Hastelloy UNS N06200 Studs

Hastelloy UNS N06200 Studs

ASTM B574 C2000 Hastelloy Studs Equivalent Grades

Hastelloy C2000 N06200 2.4675

Price List of Hastelloy C2000 Studs

Price of Hastelloy Stud C2000 : FOB Price: US $1-1000 / Piece

Price of Hastelloy Alloy C2000 Stud : FOB Price: US $1-1000 / Piece

Hastelloy Alloy C2000 Studs Available Stock at Leoscor Alloys

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ASME SB574 Hastelloy Alloy C2000 Stud Application Industry

Hastelloy Stud For Gas Processing Industries

Gas Processing Industries

Hastelloy C2000 Stud For Petrochemical Industries

Petrochemical Industries

Hastelloy Alloy Studs For Power Generation Industries

Power Generation Industries

C2000 Hastelloy Alloy Studs For Food Processing Industries

Food Processing Industries

ASTM B574 Hastelloy C2000 Stud For Chemical Industries

Chemical Industries

C2000 Hastelloy Alloy Studs For Oil & Gas Industries

Oil & Gas Industries

ASME SB574 Hastelloy C2000 Stud For Fertilizers Industries

Fertilizers Industries

Alloy C2000 Studs For Sugar Industries

Sugar Industries